Sleek and Chic: Perfect Cocktail Dresses

I was recently watching an old movie and heard the characters talking about going to a ‘cocktail party’. This made me think of a style of dress I used to always hear about, but never knew much about: the cocktail dress. What the heck is a cocktail dress? It is just like a party dress?

According to my research, a cocktail dress is a fancier version of a day dress that women wear to an evening event. When the dress code on an invite says ‘cocktail attire’, it suggests a shorter, party-ready dress for women, such as a little black dress. However, if you are heading to a wedding, a black cocktail dress may be frowned upon- and white is definitely out of the question! I get the feeling that a cocktail dress is similar to a party dress, but is maybe a little bit more sleek and chic. I’m thinking something a bit more fitted.

According to Wikipedia, a cocktail dress is typically paired with accessories or headwear to dress it up even more. A cocktail dress can be worn to nearly any occasion due to its versatility. There is a reason it is called one of the wardrobe staples for every stylish girl.  It works as formal attire for occasions that are not black tie events but are still not casual. Here is the list of five kinds of cocktail dresses that you need to have in your life. So without further ado, let’s get started!

High Low Cocktail Dress:

A high low dress is a perfect choice – this is a great modern twist on the cocktail dress. Instead of basic black, this dress has eyelet cutouts throughout the fabric. I can see this dress being worn to so many different cocktail parties and events paired with black or nude pumps or heels. I think it would also look great year round, from Spring on into the Fall and Winter. This dress can be purchased online at Lily Boutique, which conveniently has an entire page of cocktail dresses. That makes my shopping (and blogging) life much easier!


Lace Cocktail Dress:

Lace is one of the most feminine fabrics out there. A cocktail dress made of lace will create a beautiful look with a hint of glamour. There are so many different styles of lace dresses to fit your preference. Style your hair in an updo and put on some delicate jewelry to steal the spotlight. This Tadashi Shoji lace cocktail dress comes in a gorgeous color called Desert Bloom. It appears to be a mix between beige and gold. This is a great option or a summer cocktail party when you want to don something a little more light and airy.

Floor Length Cocktail Dress:

Floor length cocktail dresses are a great choice for when the event is a little dressier. They can create a more sophisticated and powerful look. Blogger Kim Le of Lace and Locks models a maxi cocktail dress with a unique top. She paired it with a simple clutch purse and few accessories. This is a great dress for a black tie event.


Minimalistic Cocktail Dress:

The current era is all about minimalistic fashion trends. A solid colored dress will always speak for itself while keeping your look simple, classy, and elegant. It isn’t necessary to overdo it with beading, embellishments, and lace to create a stunning look. I know, I know- cocktail dresses are supposed to be glamorous and gorgeous. To add a touch of glam, put on some beautiful yet minimalistic jewelry which will upgrade the look without overdoing it.

Embellished Cocktail Dress:

Now to go in the complete opposite direction from the minimalist approach! Sometimes you want to go full-out glamour girl with a beaded or sequin cocktail dress. Perhaps you have a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s theme party to attend? What about New Year’s Eve or a holiday party? Or maybe you’re heading somewhere like Las Vegas where the dress code calls for something a little sparkly. An embellished cocktail dress is the way to shine in the spotlight at any party you attend. This sequin cocktail dress comes in a unique champagne color. It would even be a cute dress for a bachelorette party.

I hope I’ve been able to help unveil the mystery of the cocktail dress! I’ve certainly learned a thing or two and I think I know more about what a cocktail dress is and where it should be worn. There are a variety of cocktail dresses you can choose from but basically it’s like a party dress that is a little more chic and sleek rather than being over-the-top girly or frilly (like some party dresses can be). Whether you have to attend a cocktail party, semi-formal wedding, a fashion event, or even a business meeting, I hope this post has helped you to pick out the cocktail dress of your dreams that you can wear again and again!